Dr. Fatma Yeşilyurt
Klinik Psikolog

General Study Areas:
  • Family and Couple Therapies
  • Individual Awareness Trainings
  • Marriage analysis and Healthy Marriage Therapies
  • Premarital Education and Therapy
  • Adolescent and Puberty Therapies

She has written two books in the field of religious pedagogy and her work continues.

She is a columnist for a newspaper in Canada. As a social responsibility, she writes articles that will improve the individual awareness of the readers.

She is running a project titled “Being a woman in 2021”. (On individual awareness with women and their role in life)

It responds to the questions asked through social media and the topics requested for information through YouTube programs.

Dr. Languages You Can Communicate With Fatma Yesilyurt: English , Russian , Azerbaijani, Turkish

What he does in his social life makes him happy: Visiting historical places and museums in the countries he visits. Going to the theater, spending time in bookstores, walking by the sea and rivers. At the same time, drinking coffee with his friends is a means of happiness for him.